Give Up

What price are you willing to pay to be a more effective leader?

One of the finest examples of sacrifice by a leader in the Bible can be seen in the life of Moses. He could easily be the “poster child” for leadership sacrifice. He grew up like a son of Pharaoh, a prince. As a boy, he enjoyed every privilege and pleasure of the palace.

Yet Moses risked all of that to try to help his people. And in fact, he lost everything. After murdering and Egyptian, he faced exile in the desert of Midian, and for forty years he lived with the sacrifice he had made before learning that God intended to use him as a leader. By then, Moses had undergone the breaking and remaking process required fro him to be used by God.

As a leader you may not be asked to leave your country or give up all your possessions as Moses was. But you can be sure that leading others will have a price.


My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials.

-James 1:2


(from Leadership Promises for Everyday)


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