Be Happy :)

Dear Lyn, Be a Blessing Expert. So you can spot a blessing a mile away. So you can know a blessing’s shape, smell, color, and sound. So you can see blessings everywhere. Be happy, God P.S. Lyn, Blessing Experts are happy people.


Dream Big!!!

Dear Lyn, Don’t talk about how you are; talk about how you want to be.  Don’t talk about where you are; talk about where you want to go! Yeah, God P.S. You’ll get the hang of it, Lyn. Promise.   #GodWhispers


Preparing for the rain :)

Dear Lyn, Say this out loud, “Lord, thank you that my problems are growth opportunities. I believe that all things will work for good to those who love You. I believe that what was intended for my harm, you will transform and turn it into my good.”   Miracle Maker, God P.S. Change your perspective,… Continue reading Preparing for the rain 🙂