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God Will Restore Your Soul

For a period of time in my life, I rebuked whatever I didn't want because I thought it must be from the devil. I say that I rebuked until my "rebuker" was just totally worn out. But then I discovered that a lot of what I was trying to rebuke was from God. Many of… Continue reading God Will Restore Your Soul

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Wait On God’s Glory

Have you ever come to God with an urgent prayer -- only to watch him do nothing? You're not alone. The Bible tells us that one day Martha and Mary sent for Jesus to come and heal their very sick brother. They sent an urgent message asking Jesus to come immediately. A lot of times… Continue reading Wait On God’s Glory



As you’re reading, January 1st may be nothing but a distant memory. More than likely, so, too, are all those New Year’s resolutions we’ve made. That usually happens because people rely on willpower, and willpower rarely works. The concept of willpower is easier to grasp when you understand its scriptural basis. The Greek word for… Continue reading WILLPOWER

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Help Is Here

Many people have received Jesus as Savior and Lord. They will go to heaven, but never draw on the full capacity of the Holy Spirit that is available to them or experience the true success God wants them to enjoy on Earth. Simply put, many will be on their way to heaven, but they won't… Continue reading Help Is Here

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Waiting is a Time for Preparation

You have to be patient to be a farmer. There's no such thing as an overnight crop. You plant and then you wait. After a farmer plants a seed in the ground, does he go and sit on his hands for six months and watch TV? No. The whole time that he's waiting, he's getting… Continue reading Waiting is a Time for Preparation

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God’s Provision : Faithful Giving

There is a universal law called the principle of sowing and reaping. If I sow generosity, it's going to come back to me, and I'm going to reap generosity. Every farmer knows this. A farmer has four sacks of seed in his barn and he looks at his empty field. He doesn't complain, "There's no… Continue reading God’s Provision : Faithful Giving

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Quiet Inner Confidence

Through the years, many people tried to hold me back from God's call on my life. There were those who did not understand what I was doing and why I was doing it, so they judged me falsely. At times their criticism and judgment made me want to "sit down" and forget about my vision… Continue reading Quiet Inner Confidence

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God Is A Capable Father

God can handle any situation you give Him. No problem is too tough for Him. Nothing is beyond His ability. But the first thing you've got to do is bring it to Him. What's the decision you're facing this week? What's the mountain that needs to be moved? Cancer? Bankruptcy? Your kids are having problems?… Continue reading God Is A Capable Father