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God Can Set You Free from the Prison of Your Past

I come from a background of abuse and was raised in a dysfunctional home. My childhood was filled with fear and torment.

As a young adult trying to live for Christ and follow the Christian lifestyle, I believed that my future would always be marred by my past. I thought, “How can anyone who has the kind of past I do ever be really all right? It’s impossible!”

But Jesus said, “The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me…He has sent Me to announce release to the captives….” Jesus came to open the prison doors and set the captives free.

I couldn’t make any progress until I realized that God wanted to release me from the prison of my past. I had to believe that neither my past nor my present determined my future, unless I let it. I had to let God miraculously set me free.

You may have had a miserable past that continues to affect your present in negative and depressing ways. But I say to you boldly, your future is not determined by your past or your present! Let God break off the chains of your past.

Prayer Starter: God, I believe that You are more powerful than my past. I receive the freedom You give me. My past will not determine my future.

—from Joyce Meyer’s daily devotional

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1 thought on “God Can Set You Free from the Prison of Your Past”

  1. There go the majority of people that shun the Lord — they think they’re going to burn in hell and stay away from forgiveness — I am happy to learn that this person didn’t fall for that thinking. Its plain wrong to believe that he was condemned without mercy. God’s Grace is ALWAYS extended — ALWAYS. If a person will stop turning away and come into the light — ALWAYS.
    Thanks for posting this story.
    ~ Eric


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