Your Three Best Weapons

Through careful strategy and cunning deceit, Satan attempts to wage war against you and keep you in a mindset of defeat. But God has given you spiritual weapons to use against him. Here are the main three spiritual weapons you can use to fight off the enemy:

1. God’s word: Receive it through preaching, teaching, reading and private Bible study. Continue in the Word until it becomes revelation given by inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

2. Praise : This defeats the devil faster and more efficiently than any other battle plan, but it must be genuine heart-praise, not just lip service or a religious ritual.

3. Prayer: Continue reading


Do you believe that God is your healer? It saddens me that so many people – especially Christians – do not have this revelation. Many categorise sickness as God’s teaching tool or the consequence of sin, but if this were true we’d all be sick and dying!

Job is an interesting study on the question of sickness. The accusation and actions of Satan, the kindness of God, the experiences of Job and the advice of so-called “comforters”, play out in this Shakespearean-like story of sudden and devastating loss.

Job’s friends had differing ideas about why all the ruin had come upon him. One declared that Job’s sickness was his own fault – otherwise, God would have healed him. Another attempted to persuade him that the sickness was God’s will.

Neither of these are the truth when it comes to healing and God. Among His many names is “Jehovah Rapha” – the Lord that Heals. Exodus 15:26 declares, “I am the Lord who heals you”- God’s will for us is healing and wholeness; nothing missing, nothing broken.

Job refused to lower his beliefs to the level of his experience, choosing instead to stand firm on who he knew God to be. The outcome for Job was total healing and the restoration of all he had lost, twice over.

Remember, John 10:10 says that Satan comes ONLY to steal, kill and destroy but Jesus gave us a better covenant – not law, but grace. Jesus provided a life of abundance to enjoy in overflowing measure. Sickness is part of the curse (Deuteronomy 28); health and wholeness belong to the blessed life.

Are you sick? Have you received a negative health report? I have great news! Your healing is at hand – the hand of YOUR Healer. Allow God’s Word to restore your body as you lean into His everlasting arms.

PRAYER: Father, You are my Healer. I know that You can do everything, and that no purpose of Yours can be withheld from You. Just like Job, I look to You for my healing and trust that You will take care of me – spirit, soul and body.

—from “How to Maximize Your Life” Daily Devotional

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The Bible is a comprehensive manual, filled with God’s Divine wisdom for health and wholeness. Living a healthy life goes well beyond our physical body. It involves every aspect of our life including building healthy relationships and attitudes.

Do you believe good health is God’s will for your life? I most definitely do! Good health has been a very real friend to God’s plan for my life. It was only just a few years ago when I realised that not taking care of my own body would interfere with the purposes of God for me. How much value do you place on your health and well-being?

God’s will for you is health, not sickness. However, when you are sick God is your Healer. To be honest, I don’t know of anybody who hasn’t had to deal with physical sickness and challenge. And despite this fact, the prevailing truth is that we have a Name which is far above every other name (Ephesians 1:21). At the Name of Jesus, the name of cancer, depression, heart disease, mental illness, diabetes, chronic conditions, addiction and any other illness must bow.If you are fighting some kind of sickness or disability, the wonderful news is that God is on your side! His will is for your health and wholeness and His desire is that you settle for nothing less. I encourage you today; don’t allow physical or emotional deficiency to overwhelm you. God is your true source of healing and His Word is full of “medicine” for your recovery. Take your medicine today by meditating on scriptures that will infuse life into your body as you feed on them in your soul.

Here are some to get you going: Isaiah 53:5, Psalm 100:3, 139:14, Proverbs 17:22, Matthew 12:15, John 10:10

PRAYER: I speak the Name of Jesus over sickness and disease. I choose life, not death – blessing not cursing. I declare by faith in Your Word and the work of the cross that I am made whole, now and forever.

—from “How To Maximize Your Life” daily devotional

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What Are You Hoping for?

I have a question for you: What are you hoping for? What are you expecting in life? Are you looking for something good to happen or are you expecting to be disappointed?

So many people are feeling hopeless these days. However, Jesus did not die for us to be hopeless. He died so that we could be full of hope.

The devil wants to steal your hope and he will lie to you. He’ll tell you that nothing good can happen in your life or that the things you care about won’t last. If you’re struggling with a difficult situation, he’ll tell you it will never end. But you have to stay full of hope and remember that the devil is a liar. God can change everything!

Our Father is good, and He has good plans for your life. If you will maintain your hope, especially in the midst of troubled and uncertain times, He has promised you “double for your trouble”. So refuse to give up hope. Start expecting God to do something, something good!

Prayer Starter: Lord, my hope is in You. Satan is a liar and I will not listen to him and lose hope. I expect You to do good things in my life.

—From Joyce Meyer’s daily devotional

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Be a True Worshiper

Worship is so much more than just singing songs. It is a condition of the heart and a state of mind. We can even worship God passionately without singing a single note. Our worship for God is born in our hearts, it fills our thoughts, and it is expressed through our mouths and through our bodies.

The world often thinks of worship as “religion,” which could not be further from the biblical concept of worship. It’s about a personal relationship, spiritual intimacy and passionate expressions of devotion from people who love God with all their hearts. This is true worship.

The Bible says that God is seeking those who worship Him ‘in spirit and in truth.”

I find it interesting that He does not want just anybody to worship Him. He wants true and genuine people. He does not want to be worshiped out of fear, obligation or religion.

True worship is a result of intimacy with God. Worship God today with your whole heart, and be a worshiper in spirit and in truth!

Prayer Starter: Lord, I don’t just want to offer You lip service. Instead, I give my life to You as a true worshiper, intimately connected with You. You are so good to me and I want to worship You ‘in spirit and in truth.”

—from Joyce Meyer’s daily devotional

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Wisdom for the Long Haul

Wisdom is the key to the kind of life you dream about living. God is the source for everything that has to do with life and blessing and that especially includes wisdom which, as we have seen, is on constant and abundant supply for anyone who desires it. It is simply a matter of tuning your ear to it and applying it to your life.

The Bible contains a wealth of godly wisdom for every conceivable circumstance you will face in your life including matters of family and relationships, finances and career – and is the key to finding inner peace.

Wisdom is the road to a truly blessed life and wisdom is what will keep you there. No wonder Solomon urges us to “keep her wisdom, for she is your life” (Proverbs 4:13).

I trust you can see more clearly why wisdom is beyond price and to be desired above anything else this life can offer. It is found only in God and is readily available in the Bible – His Word – our instructions for life.

I encourage you to take a moment and think about how wisdom can take your life forward. The fact is that the wisdom of God provides the answers to your impossible questions and is the key to unlock your destiny and blessing. All you have to do is ask.

PRAYER: Father, above all else, I desire the wisdom that comes from You and Your Word. Give me ears to hear and eyes to see so that I will recognise Your wisdom when it comes, and the strength to choose her path every day – no turning back.

—from “How To Maximise Your Life” daily devotional

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The Benefits of Wisdom

Remember in Proverbs 8:11, we are told that wisdom’s worth is incomparable. Proverbs 3:14 says, “For her proceeds are better than the profits of silver, and her gain than fine gold.”

Some 400 years before Christ, the Ancient Greek playwright Sophocles himself a man of means – wrote, “Wisdom outweighs any wealth.”

Why is wisdom so valuable?

When you apply wisdom to your life, a wealth of benefits will connect to you. Proverbs 3 and 4 describe some of the benefits wisdom will add to your life:

Happiness (3:13)
Long life (3:16)
Riches and honour (3:16)
Peace (3:17)
Safety (3:23)
A stumble-free walk (3:23)
Anxiety free (3:24)
Sweet sleep (3:24)
Protection (3:25)
Confidence (3:26)
Promotion (4:8)
Healing and health (4:22)

I don’t know of anyone who wouldn’t enjoy all of these benefits me included! What about you? The great news is that we can, simply by daily and consistently applying God’s freely available wisdom to our lives.

It may sound obvious, but we can never run out of room for wisdom God makes it available in unlimited supply and ever-increasing measure if you continue to pursue it throughout your life. No matter how full of wisdom you think you are, there’s always room for more!

Benjamin Franklin once said, “The doors of wisdom are never shut.” Wisdom is always crying out wherever you are and in whatever circumstance you find yourself. Perhaps you can hear wisdom’s voice competing for your attention right now. Are you in the process of making a decision between what you want and what you know is best? Wisdom is crying out to you “Choose me!” If you do, the benefits are a guarantee.

PRAYER: Today Lord, help me to recognise the voice of Your wisdom and apply it to my life so that I can enjoy all the benefits You have planned for me. I ask You also that I will grow daily in Your wisdom and be a source of godly wisdom to others.

—from “How To Maximise Your Life” daily devotional

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Pursue a Life of Holiness

I think we need to be a little more careful than we are with how we live. Not that we have to be so careful that we live in fear, but careful in a godly way, not a legalistic way.

Because if we’re not careful about who our friends are, what television programs and movies we watch, what kind of books we read, what kind of music we listen to, how we spend our money, and what we do with our time, we could end up living wasted lives.

As Christians, we must pursue holiness and realize that we are sanctified, which means we are set apart for God’s use. In fact, the minute we accept Christ as our Savior, we are sanctified by the Holy Spirit and set apart for a God-given purpose. And if we’re not fulfilling our purpose or if we’re not pursuing our purpose, we’re going to feel empty and frustrated.

I urge you today to pursue your purpose of holiness. When faced with tricky decisions, ask God what to do and choose the path of holiness that He has laid out for you.

Prayer Starter: Holy Spirit, alert me before I do something that would pull me away from a life of holiness. With Your guidance, I want to live carefully, following the path of holiness You have for me.

—from Joyce Meyer’s daily devotional

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It’s Essential to Hear God

A lot of people think it’s not so important to hear from God. But you should not be satisfied with that attitude. You need to be hearing from God on a daily basis. Why? There are three reasons why it’s absolutely vital for you to be able to hear directly from God.

It proves you’re in God’s family — When you are tuned in to God and hear from him, it confirms your relationship because God talks to his children. John 10:27 says, “My sheep recognize my voice and follow me.” (NLT)

Just as parents talk to all their children, God talks to all of his kids. He doesn’t just single out the pastors or the missionaries, or those who have been Christians the longest. He talks to all believers, whether they are mature or immature. As we grow spiritually, it becomes easier to hear God.

It protects you from mistakes — If you listen to God, you’ll make fewer mistakes because you’ll hear him warning you in advance. Proverbs 3:6 says, “Listen for God’s voice in everything you do, and everywhere you go; he’s the one who will keep you on track.” (MSG)

Notice the verse didn’t say just in church; it says, “in everything you do, and everywhere you go.” I couldn’t count the number of times God has saved me from wasting time, wasting money and wasting energy because I listened to him.

It produces success in life — This is not the kind of success the world talks about where you’re famous and filthy rich. This is God’s definition of success – being exactly who God made you to be so that your life can have meaning.

“I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you.” (Psalm 32:8 NLT) Did you know that the best pathway for your life is different than the best pathway for someone else’s life? And if you try to follow somebody else’s pathway you’re life will be filled with problems.

God has a customized pathway for you, and if you follow it you will succeed.

—from Rick Warren’s daily devotional

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God Knows We Can’t Be Perfect

There are many people who are so afraid of making a mistake that they don’t do anything. Instead, they sit around saying, “What if I’m wrong? What if I miss God?”

Do you know what God told me one time? He said, “If you miss me, I’ll find you.”

If we are wandering off somewhere and not sure where we are, we can just lift up our hands and say, “Jesus, come and get me! I’m confused. I think I made a wrong decision.”

God knows we cannot be perfect, so He sent His son as a perfect sacrifice for us. Now we’re pressing toward the mark of perfection. In Philippians 3, the apostle talks about pressing forward to what lies ahead and forgetting about the past.

God is calling you to press forward today. Stop living in fear of making mistakes, because everyone makes mistakes, period. God is not asking you to not make mistakes. He’s calling you to press forward, trusting Him to lead you. He’s asking you to call upon Him. Don’t live in fear of your imperfection. Live with faith in God’s perfect plan for you.

Prayer Starter: God, I don’t want to live paralyzed by fear of my imperfection and my mistakes. I know that instead, I can call out to You, and You will help me press forward to the mark of perfection.

—from Joyce Meyer’s daily devotional

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