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Today is the Beginning of my New Life

-I am starting over today.

– All good things are coming to me today.

– I am grateful to be alive.

– I see beauty around me.

– I live with passion and purpose.

– I take time to laugh and play everyday.

– I wake up, energized and alive.

– I am free to be myself.

– I am magnificent in human form.

– I am a perfection of life.

– I am grateful to be me.

– Today is the best day of my life.

– I am riCh.

– I am a new creation.

– The old has gone. The new has come.


-I am Lyn Garcia. Apart from God, I am nothing.

***My first (personal) blog for 2014. Looking forward for more encouraging and inspirational topic to share. Special thanks to my mentor who keeps on motivating and guiding me.. 2013 was AWESOME!.. The best is yet to come. Happy New Year!.. :)***

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