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The Power of Great Relationships

Relationships are foundational to life, so it’s worth spending some time looking at how to develop great ones. Human beings were made for relationship and every connection we have with others has some kind of impact _ relationships even have the power to make or break us. We simply can’t afford to take them for granted, neither can we expect to have great relationships if we only invest effort into them when something goes wrong…

What words would you use to describe the kind of relationships you would like to build throughout your life? There’s a good chance qualities such as faithful, loyal, honest and wise would be right up there on your list. You don’t have to think too hard to know why that is so. And yet all of us can probably think of a relationship that has caused us great hurt.

In life, I believe we should look at the foundation of all our relationships in the same way that God does _ of the highest value and worthy of our very best.

Apart from Himself, people are the greatest gifts God has given us. When God wants to invest into us and bless our life, he will often use people. The greatest gift He could have given us He gave in His only Son, Jesus. Such an act reveals how measurelessly valuable we each are to God.

Are you experiencing problems in any of your relationships? Maybe in your marriage or with your children or perhaps you are struggling with your boss or employees. Don’t despair, God has answers for you that are guaranteed to succeed when you put them to work. The Bible is loaded with advice for building great and lasting relationships in marriage, friendship, parenthood, leadership, employer relations and partnerships.

Remember first that the foundation of all great relationships begins with your own relationship with Jesus. Make investing into that relationship your priority and He will teach you how to nurture and build a life of strong, healthy connections.

PRAYER: Dear God, I pray that you would bring great relationships into my life. Help me to be the kind of friend to others that you are to me. Bring people into our lives that will build Godly principles and healthy habits into our home.

—from “How To Maximise Your Life” daily devotional

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