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Learn to Forgive Like Jesus

I once heard about a teenager who was drinking and caused an accident that killed a man’s wife and child. The man knew God wanted him to forgive the young man who caused the accident, and through much prayer he was able to let the love of God flow through him.

That man knew how to forgive like Jesus. He understood that this young man was also hurt himself and needed healing.

When people hurt us, we should learn to look at what people have done to themselves instead of just looking at what they have done to us. Usually, when a person hurts someone else, he’s probably hurting himself at least as much and is suffering some fallout as a result. That’s why, as He hung on the cross in agony, Jesus said of His murderers, ‘Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.’

That’s incredible forgiveness. Let that inspire you today. We all need to seek to forgive like Jesus.

Prayer Starter: Lord, when people hurt me, help me to see past my own pain and see their pain. Help me to love and forgive like Jesus.

—from Joyce Meyer’s daily devotional

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1 thought on “Learn to Forgive Like Jesus”

  1. Yes, Lyn, you are making a good point here. It is not our place to lord over evil… even the OT (see Cross References – from link) posts many warnings to believers.
    Matthew 5:39

    There often may be justice separate from us; by legal means for instance. It is not a warning to the legal system, only to the individual that is harmed or angered because of an injustice – in this case vehicular homicide.

    Drunk driving is wrong.

    Holding resentments and taking revenge are just as wrong.



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