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The Best Way to Deal with Money

I’ve discovered the best way to deal with money is to give it away. And we need to keep on giving, especially during challenging financial times. This is a key factor in helping us to maintain a biblical focus on our finances.

It’s always possible to live by God’s financial principles, even in difficult times. You might find yourself in what seems like an impossible financial situation and feel like you’re in no position to give, but don’t let that stop you. God will help you when you simply work with what you have.

Luke 19:17 tells us that God is pleased when we are faithful and trustworthy in very little things. When we are, it says He will give us authority over bigger things.

Proverbs 28:27 says, “He who gives to the poor will not want., ” If we obey God with our finances, even when we don’t have much, and give to help other people, the more God will have other people do for us. It’s just that simple. Choose to be a giver today, and you will not lack anything.

Prayer Starter: God, I choose today to give my finances to You. Even in hard times, I know that Your financial principles still apply and that You will take care of me. You are my source!

—from Joyce Meyer’s daily devotional

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