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#StrongerPH : 24-hour Tweetathon, Remembering Yolanda through Volunteering


On November 8, 2013, Super Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) made a remarkable history in the Philippines. More than ten thousand volunteers rendered their time and best effort to help and serve the victims of the killer typhoon. With their endeavour to aid victims, services are provided as well as to their families.

Their endless ability to extend their hands to unable people makes the Filipino spirit stronger than any typhoon. Reaching vulnerable people without getting anything in return but just self worth is beyond words. Relative to their capabilities and precious effort to serve, our humanitarian spirit remains alive.

As we now commemorate a year after Super Typhoon Yolanda, we are coming up with a tweetathon (twitter chat marathon) with a theme: Remembering Yolanda through Volunteering, on November 8, 2014. “What one volunteer can do is small, but what all of us can do is huge for recovery.” In all corners of the world, communities today face challenges that require creative and constructive solutions which foster a disaster-resilient community. Take part by promoting the upcoming discussion through your networks. Join us in the conversation! Tweet your views and use #StrongerPH.


A Tweetathon is basically like a marathon, but instead of using your legs, you run the reach with your fingers. This is an online event on twitter where Tweetizens focus all their tweets on a particular issue.

It’s not just to get your issue to be a trending topic. Running a Tweetathon raises the profile of your Twitter account, of your organization and of the issue. It can also raise money (but not probably very much) and social media literacy in the organization.

The goal is to make the topics trend so that we can raise awareness about the value of volunteering and by answering the question: How do we effectively engage people in disaster preparedness, reducing impact and responding to disaster to build a stronger nation?

Ways to Make the Tweetathon More Enjoyable and Efficient

1. If you’re planning to share specific URLs during the chat, shorten them ahead of time using a shortening service, so that they don’t take up the entire 140 characters. Save them somewhere convenient, such as an email draft, or in a note on your desktop, for quick access.

2. Leave at least 10-15 characters of space in your tweet (including any URLs you’re sharing and the hashtag) so that it’s easy for people to retweet you without scratching their head over how to edit your original tweet without losing your meaning.

3. Now we know it would not be easy to come up with tweets every few minutes. So we have created some custom tweets that you can simply cut and paste below. Just put in your tweet box and keep tweeting, space them out for maximum effect and spread.

4. To promote or remind people of the chat, schedule a few tweets spread over a few days leading up to the chat.

5. If there are specific tweets, such as chat guidelines, etc., that you know you will share on a regular basis, save them ahead of time (similar to #2 above) so that you don’t have to type them from scratch.

6. Always include the hashtag associated with the chat in your tweets. Otherwise, when the moderator pulls a transcript based on the hashtag, you may have “said” something very smart, but it won’t be in there.

7. Looking forward to seeing you on twitter… Let’s have fun.


A twitter account. @philredcross is the official twitter account of the Philippine Red Cross while @redcross143 and @RedCrossYouthPH is the official twitter account of its Volunteering Program.

A group of staff/twitter hosts/volunteers to contribute tweets.

Followers who have a tolerance for a major influx of tweets over a limited period of time.

A staff member/volunteer who is willing to coordinate the Tweetathon.

Now if you have never participated in a tweetathon before, do not worry, we are here to guide you. Here how it works:

1. Get your community on board by promoting the upcoming discussion through your networks before the tweetathon. There will be 2 hosts per hour. The tweetathon will start from Luzon at 12am and will finish in Mindanao at 12mn.

2. During conversation, please use the official hashtag: #StrongerPH

3. Have a goal. . .and communicate it. Let us focus on thinking ways on how we can help the community to build a better and stronger Philippines.

4. Have fun and be yourself.

Tweet your views about the following topics: 

a. Red Cross 143 (#RC143): Volunteerism as a way of life

b. Social Media: What roles do Social Media play? How can we communicate during disasters?

c. Disaster awareness and volunteer engagement: How can we get everyone ready and how can we train the community on actions to take during emergencies?

d. Youth Leadership: How can the youth lead in developing community preparedness?


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