Daily Devotional

The Cost of Your Anger 

  The Bible says there is always a price tag to uncontrolled anger. Can you relate to any of these verses? 

Proverbs 15:18: “Hot tempers cause arguments, but patience brings peace.” (TEV) 
Proverbs 29:22: “People with quick tempers cause a lot of quarreling and trouble.” (TEV) 
Proverbs 14:17: “People with a hot temper do foolish things; wiser people remain calm.” (TEV) 
The Bible says, “The fool who provokes his family to anger and resentment will finally have nothing worthwhile left. He shall be the servant of a wiser man.” (Proverbs 11:29 TLB) 
Whenever I lose my temper, I lose. You don’t make it to the top if you’re continually blowing your top. The word “danger’ is the word “anger’ with the letter “d’ in front. And anger is dangerous. You could lose everything: your reputation, your spouse, your job, your health. 
A few years ago, I read about medical research on the human heart that revealed, if you reduce the hostility in your life, you can prolong your life. Mom and Dad, listen, we may get a short-term pay-off by motivating our kids through anger — they will comply out of fear — but in the long run, we’ll lose because anger always alienates. It turns people off rather than turning them on. And, instead of getting what you want, it causes people to become apathetic to your needs and angry at you. 

One way to manage your anger is to come to grips with how much it is costing you.

—from Rick Warren daily devotional 


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