Daily Devotional

Rejoice in the Hope of Experiencing God’s Favor 

The Bible is full of hope-filled promises for you and me. We have access to God’s presence. He wants to heal us of our diseases. He will supply all our needs. There are so many more, too many to count! That’s why it’s so sad when Christians miss out on God’s promises due to lack of faith. 
Here’s the question: Are you expecting those promises? Good things begin to happen to you when you rejoice in the hope of experiencing God’s favor on a regular basis. 

Luke 2:52 (AMP) tells us that “Jesus increased in…favor with God and man.” You and I access the favor of God by faith. We can increase in that favor and experience His promises just like Jesus. Even if you don’t see those things in your life now, you can rejoice and put your hope in God, knowing that they will come.

Everything that is promised in the Bible is for us. So rejoice in the hope of experiencing God’s glory right now and He will make incredible things happen in your life. 

Prayer Starter: God, I expect and rejoice in Your promises for me. I believe that You can bring to pass everything that I’m promised in Your Word.

—from Joyce Meyer daily devotional



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