Daily Devotional

Love Shows Respect

  Render to all men their dues. . .respect to whom respect is due, and honor to ehom honor is due. –Romans 13:7

Love respects the differences in other people. A selfish person expects everyone to be just the way he is and to like whatever he likes, but love appreciates the differences we all have.

Respecting individual rights is very important. If God wanted us to be alike, He would not have given each of us a different set of fingerprints — we are all created equal, but we are still different. 

We all have different gifts and talents, different likes and dislikes, different goals in life — these tings make us unique, and we should be grateful for them. Love respects those differences. The person who loves has learned to give freedom to those he loves. Freedom is one of the greatest gifts we can give. It is what Jesus came to give us, and we must also give it to others.

Prayer of Thanks
I am thankful, Father, You created us all uniquely. Help me to value the differences of others, and help me to love them just like You do. 

—from The Power of Being Thankful by Joyce Meyer




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