Daily Devotional

God Will Never Change, But You Can! 

Why is it that we find ourselves thinking, “Nothing will ever change… I’m always going to be like this… My situation will never change… He’ll never change… She’ll never change… I’m never going to be as good as so-and-so?” 
The only thing that can never change is God. Everything else can change. 

But if you have no hope of seeing change in your situation, change probably isn’t going to come. You know, we endure so many things emotionally that we really wouldn’t have to suffer if we would put our hope in God and stop looking at all of the circumstances we can’t control. 

Here’s the good news: You can enjoy life if you decide to! But you must truly believe that it is God’s will for you to experience continual joy. Then you must decide to enter into that joy, which is essential to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

God doesn’t change, but He can change you if you let Him. 

Prayer Starter: God, sometimes I feel like my situations will never change, but I know that You can change them. I choose to receive Your joy and I trust You to change my life.
—from Joyce Meyer daily devotional 


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