Daily Devotional

God’s Agape Love

 The Bible talks about various kinds of love. There’s the Greek word “phileo,” which means friendship or tender affection. Then there’s “eros,” which is the passionate love we feel for a lover. But there’s a third kind, a higher kind of love. 

“Agape” is the kind of love God has toward His Son and the human race. It’s a love that sacrifices, the love that we see in John 3:16: “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son…”(NIV).

There are so many scriptures on this topic. It’s really something you should sit down and study personally. Another scripture that teaches the concept of agape love is Matthew 5:44. It tells us to love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us.

It’s not difficult to pray for people who are good to you. But it does stretch you to pray for people who have wounded you. It’s easy to hang out with your friends at church. But it’s harder to seek out that person who looks like they’re miserable and alone and just listen to them for awhile. That’s agape love. It’s sacrificing your comfort to do what’s righteous. 

You can “agape love’ people by being patient with them, by being understanding with them, by saying something encouraging or by not saying anything when you could. As humans, we are inherently selfish, constantly asking, “What about me?’ It’s time to declare war on selfishness with the power of agape love.

It’s time to be good and loving to people on purpose as we study and understand what scripture says about love. And let the agape love of God in you overflow to others.

Prayer Starter: Lord, Your powerful agape love is amazing. Empower me as I declare war on selfishness and make a decision to, on purpose, live a life of agape love.

from Joyce Meyer daily devotional 


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