Daily Devotional

Prayer of Peace

Father, today I want to just thank you for the revelation I received during these past five days. I want to ask you to forgive me for running after the temporary peace the world offers. I stand before you today knowing the inheritance Jesus left me is priceless and beyond comparison to any material possessions. Holy Spirit, teach me how to activate and use my inheritance of peace, show me what I need to root out of my heart so that I can create space to cultivate a peaceful heart. Open my eyes to see Jesus in the scriptures I read every day so that I can grow in my knowledge of his greatness, faithfulness, and his character.

I want the inheritance of peace to be multiplied many times over in my life. Holy Spirit, help me to operate in the measure of peace that Jesus operated in so that I may see countless miracles in my life and those around me, let fear, anxiety, and worry have no room in my life as the peace of God expands in and around me. Holy Spirit, please give me the wisdom, strength, and courage to enter the realm of the peace of God in order that all the blessings that were so freely given to me may be kept. Let my life be an example for those around me to be able to see your glory. I thank you for hearing my prayer and I believe peace is my inheritance. Amen.

“All the glory and beauty of Christ are manifested within, and there He delights to dwell; His visits there are frequent, His condescension amazing, His conversation sweet, His comforts refreshing; and the peace that He brings passeth all understanding.” Thomas Kempis

from Peace is my Inheritance daily devotional


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