Life Coaching

re-Design Your Life

One of my great joys as a Life Coach is watching clients become more and more self-empowered. And there’s a pattern I have observed from successful clients: Getting clear on what really matters.

This is where life coaching really comes into its own. Just a few of the areas where coaching helps people include:

  • Figuring out their vision for their life, and establishing their goals using the CARE model
  • Deciding what really matters to them – their values
  • Trusting themselves in making great decisions in life
  • Noticing and paying attention to their feelings and needs – self-care!

One of the most powerful things we can do to find out what we really want in life is to check our current wishlist, evaluate it and set S.M.A.R.T. goals. Let your dreams be not just dreams. You need to take action. You can re-design your life if things are not going according to your plans. It’s about time to get clear on what really matters.

How’s your midyear? Have you already achieved your goals for the first half of 2018?

If you want to get something better, I am ready to help you!

Join me on August 25, that’s my birthday! And as I do a review on my year 2017-2018, I decided to have a group coaching session entitled “re-Design Your Life.” We are going to look back on what we have achieved from the first half of 2018 and we are going to look forward for the next half.

This session aims to turn our wishlist into a to-do list and also expect a real result in our plans! The question is, are you ready for a change and are you ready to turn those dreams into reality?

What can I promise? Your 2018 will end with a bang! And you will welcome 2019 with greater goals!

Here’s are some of the worksheets that I will share:

1. How to focus when you have too many ideas?

2. The New “To Do” List

3. My Next 3 Month Goals

4. 3 Month Vision Worksheet

I am excited to see you and your goals!

You may sign up here to register:

Please deposit your payment in any of the following accounts and send a copy of your deposit slip to

1. BPI Checking Account


Account number: 1890-0338-53

2. BDO Account

Account name: LYN V. GARCIA

Account number: 00453-01658-60

For further inquiries, contact me at +63 917 538 5446.

– – – –


Coach Lyn Garcia is a Registered Electrical Engineer turned into a Life Coach, with a mission of “Changing the World, One Heart at a Time.” She helps people increase their career competency and live an inspired life; a Life, Career, and Social Media Strategist.


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