Daily Devotionals

Daily Devotional

Am I Surrounding Myself With The Right People?

The first churches were started by a bunch of common men and women who loved Jesus and loved seeing people meet Jesus. Their success wasn’t based on their position or their training, but on their passion. Attitudes are contagious. One thing I love about the team I serve with is that being around them and… Continue reading Am I Surrounding Myself With The Right People?

Daily Devotional

Prayer of Peace

Father, today I want to just thank you for the revelation I received during these past five days. I want to ask you to forgive me for running after the temporary peace the world offers. I stand before you today knowing the inheritance Jesus left me is priceless and beyond comparison to any material possessions.… Continue reading Prayer of Peace

Daily Devotional


Thanks. Just the word lifts the spirit. To say thanks is to celebrate a gift. Something. Anything. Animals. Bald spots. Chocolate. Dictionaries.  To say thanks is to cross the tracks from have-not to have-much, from the excluded to the recruited. Thanks proclaims, “I’m not disadvantaged, disabled, victimized, scandalized, forgotten, or ignored. I am blessed.” Gratitude… Continue reading Thanks